Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hi! Sorry people for not writing for........ a long time. I was caught up with school, life and other stuff necessary to..... keep getting bugged by annoying people. Kong Hei Fah Choi! I'm not sure if thats how you spell it though. Im not even year of the dog! We never solved the case of the missing stuff or the other cases at school. Like the case of the broken ruler or the case of.........never mind. My class had our valentines day partyalready. I stuffed my face and there even was a best couple award. The good thing I wasnt a nominee. The first place of the couples awards through their trophy in the trash. That was Jamie who was the guy..... or is he????? I havent even talked about myself. I like to sing watch sports and look at other channels of the TV. I like anything that involves technology like cellphones and of course computers! Unless it involves doing book reports, which are evil. My best and favorite subjects are Science, Reading, and Language. I'm done bragging of how smart I am...... heheh. I just hope I have enough time to write this next time I even forgot my username and password. I hope you read my next post. See Ya!!!


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