Saturday, October 01, 2005

On thursday me, Cipi, and my friends have been have gotten a mystery to solve. the day before, my friends have been losing their lunch boxes and backpacks. about 4 of my friends lost their bags but two of them, Gaby and Sugar, were able to find their bag. It was on top of a cart under the fire escape it was so weird.My two other friends Amanda and Chesca lost their bags and could'nt find them. When our teacher wasn't there my other friends talked about what has been happening to the assistant teacher. We started talking about ghost stories from our old school. The teachers said that it might be a prank but what would that person want from us. The strange thing is that the people who lost their bag are all girls and we somehow knew eachother. We weren't so sure it was a prank we think it was ghosts. Since our school used to be a british school which used to be a hospital. The auditorium used to be the place were dead guys used to be kept. Im not scared really I think its kinda cool unless i loose my bag. After talking Sugar got suddenly scared of me because i expained every thing with so much detail and my didnt look like their was much life.Everytime i go to her i smile but she backs awy cautiously like im a ghost as well. Thats why i have a violet heart which means i hate but i still love and im miserable but sometimes i can be happy. there are more other things that are freaky even out of school. Just on Thur. Me and Jamie were arguing if he was a guy or girl. You have seen a chicken, dog, or cat but you have never seen a turtle because i have. I also have a friend who laughs at almost everything if u say noodle she'll laugh if u say anything she'll laugh. It also sucked because on that day some guy put ketsup on me when i was chasing him. It maybe weird but thats my life, very strange


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hey cipi you got junk comments delete them now!!! and oh yeah... YOU HAVE THE SAME BACKROUND LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEE!! AHHHHHHH!!! hmmm... now what?Ü

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